What is traditional vs dynamic cupping?

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that uses cups to create a vacuum on the skin.The suction causes  increase blood flow and improves circulation. It enhances lymphatic drainage, allowing the body to remove waste products at a faster rate.It stimulates the nervous system in a way that helps relieve pain. It improves flexibility and recovery time.

Dynamic cupping differs from traditional cupping where the cups are moved around while suction is changed and/or the body part is moved around instead of remain in one place.

Dynamic cupping vs. traditional cupping tends to activate more nerve fibers that are associated with touch, pressure and vibration. This level of activation equates to less pain.

Dynamic cupping improves your performance by increasing blood flow, allowing better flexibility and range of motion.

As an added bonus there are usually no prolonged bruising effects from dynamic cupping. Therefore, it can be applied at more frequent rates without skin breakdown. And you’ll still look good in your swimsuit.

With Dynamic Cupping discolorations from cupping will fade after a few hours while traditional cupping may take up to weeks to disappear completely.

Researchers propose that the main action of cupping therapy is to enhance circulation, remove toxins and activate the nervous system in a way that helps control pain thus improving recovery and muscle tension.

Dynamic Cupping works on the body’s fascia which is the primary connective tissue. Fascia is a three dimensional sheet of firm tissue, that is spreading across our body from head to toe. It presents in many different forms such as tendons, ligaments, retinacula, aponeuroses, fascial bands, and many other structures in our body. Basically fascia not only connects but surrounds, engulfs, encases, separates, compartmentalizes, divides, protects, insulates and buffers bones, nerves and muscles. It invests and sheaths every muscle fiber, muscle bundle, entire muscles as well as every group of muscles. Furthermore it invests bone, nerve, blood vessel and organ of our body.

It has been our experience of 23 years that dynamic cupping works best with Fascial Cylinder Distortions which are fascial distortions that affect coiled fascia. Coiled Fascia cylindrically encircles the extremities, trunk and back.

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