We help athletes, hard workers, and everyday people...

...who experience discomfort or loss of function to excel at the sport of life.

 We are sport therapists who keep you living and performing at your highest level. Whether you have chronic pain or a specific sports injury we can help.

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We Understand That Injuries Disrupt Our Entire Lives.

They can easily bring all kinds of heartache and despair. You deserve to have hope that you can feel great again.

With the right chiropractic care, you’ll be able to do more than you thought possible.

Troy has 22 years of practice. He taught for 14 years at Parker University on movement disorder and injury rehab. He has also worked with competitive athletes across the spectrum of professional sports.

We Utilize Function Movement Screening and Biomechanics...

...to identify areas where improvement in mobility and stability will equal improved performance and improved recovery.

Dr. Troy is a specialist with years of experience handling musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation. His experience covers a wide range of disciplines Fascial Distortion Model, Graston IASTM, Active Release Therapies, Cupping, Dry Needling/Chiropratic Acupuncture and Corrective Exercises. Sports injuries need competent evaluation to identify all issues that need to be addressed so that return to play can be achieved as soon as possible.

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